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                              Tian Hongyan elected as vice chairman of IUA-CC and winning the title of Excellent Individual

                              Updated: Nov 17, 2021
                              From: Department of Peripheral Vascular Diseases
                              Edited by: Liu Huiting

                              On November 13, Gu Yongquan, Chairman of International Union of Angiology (IUA) and Chairman of IUA-CC, announced the appointment ofProfessor Tian Hongyan, Chairman of Shaanxi Vascular Union, as Vice Chairman of IUA-CC at the Fourth Chinese Chapter Congress of IUA (CCC-IUA).


                              At the Congress, Professor Tian was invited to serve as the Chairman of the Venous Thrombosis Forum, and also made a keynote speech entitled Experience and Progress of Interventional Therapy for Acute Pulmonary Embolism.


                              Department of Peripheral Vascular Diseases, the First Affiliated Hospital of XJTU, is the Chairman Unit of IUA-CC Shaanxi Vascular Union. Under the guidance of the Headquarters of IUA-CC, Professor Tian Hongyan led the members of Shaanxi Vascular Union to actively carry out various work related to peripheral blood vessels; what they did was highly recognized and encouraged by the Headquarters of IUA-CC, and was awarded the titles of Excellent Branch of IUA-CC and Excellent Individual.

                              IUA, as the world’s largest academic organization in the field of vascular diseases, consists of 73 national members, and integrates various vascular-related departments such as Department of Cardiovascular Medicine, Department of Vascular Surgery, Department of Cerebrovascular Medicine, Department of Cerebrovascular Surgery, Vascular Biology, and Vascular Imaging. IUA-CC, the first global branch established by IUA, is of great value to promote the development ofChina’s vascular undertakings and could also provide a good platform for China’s vascular undertakings to go global. Shaanxi Vascular Union has been performing various tasks to improve vascular diagnosis and treatment in Shaanxi and better serve the patients.

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