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                              ?The 4th International Conference of Magnetic Surgery is held in Xi 'an

                              Updated: Jun 9, 2021
                              Edited by: Liu Huiting

                              From June 4 to 5, the 4th International Conference of Magnetic Surgery, hosted by Xi 'an Jiaotong University (XJTU) Health Science Center and organized by the First Affiliated Hospital of XJTU, was held in Xi 'an, China. With the theme of "Magnetic Surgery Leads the Future", this conference focuses on surgical intelligence, directly showcases clinical practice and discusses disciplinary focus and hot spots.

                              During this conference, more than 60 experts and scholars in the fields of magnetic surgery, magnetic materials, basic research of magnetic medicine at home and abroad were invited to gather both online and offline, bringing 44 themed reports covering the innovative technologies of precision surgery, frontier of magnetic surgery, biological effects of magnetic field and magnetic materials,etc. The conference was broadcast live in both Chinese and English.

                              Professor Lyu Yi from XJTU, President of the conference, highlighted that he and his team have been devoted to the basic and clinical research in magnetic surgery for almost 20 years and have established significant influence throughout China and around the globe. In 2020, his team carried out an innovative experimental study of rapid vascular anastomosis with magnetic glue fusion technology and laparoscopic liver transplantation, and they have achieved staged research outcomes. The team has invented the magnetic navigation endotracheal intubation technology for the first time and successfully applied in clinical practice. Besides, they have also invented the opening ureteral stricture by magnetic compression, endoscopic thyroidectomy by magnetic anchoring and suspension via oral route and applied in clinical practice. In November, 2020, the First Affiliated Hospital of XJTU took the lead in launching Magnetic Surgery Clinic to provide professional consultation and reexamination for the patients. In the future, the team will spare no efforts to lead the development of magnetic surgery worldwide and make greater contributions to the people’s health and the development of surgery. Professor Lyu Yi added that this conference will continue to discuss the heated and challenging clinical issues and jointly delineate the future development direction of magnetic surgery, aiming to promote the rapid advancement of magnetic surgery.

                              Dong Jiahong, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and President of Beijing Tsinghua Changgung Hospital, stressed that the global development of magnetic surgery currently centers on the promotion of novel concepts of precision surgery, the expansion of clinical technologies and the innovation of medical development models. He hoped that all experts and scholars can continually uphold the clinical problem-driven research concept and the health science and technology product-oriented model from clinical trials, laboratory experiments to the patients, accelerating the development, cooperation and promotion of magnetic surgery paradigm across the globe and making more contributions to people’s health worldwide.

                              In the plenary lectures, experts and scholars from China, the United States, Argentina, Italy, the United Arab Emirates, South Korea, France, the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom, Japan and other countries were invited to share the themed topics.

                              The successful opening of this conference builds a bridge for the exchange and cooperation among magnetic surgery experts globally and strengthens the sharing of scientific research results in the fieldof magnetic surgery. In the future, magnetic surgery technology will become a powerful engine for the coordinated development of medicine-engineering cross-discipline in China along with the increasing popularity of scientific and technological innovation.

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