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                        Departmentof Science and Technology is in charge of research institutions/centers to activate the researches based on clinical practice and medical experiments. The new scientific research building takes over 3500m2 to offer first class experimental environment. Recently, sequencing single tumor cell has become a new era of cancer research. With the advanced equipment in Ye Kai’s studio, research staff are ensured to explore their thoughts in the transition of research.

                        Along side the labs and research in stitutions, with the help of Department of Science and Technology, Cardiology and Tumor Precision Medicine have been authorized as Key Laboratory in Shaanxi Province. Shaanxi Provincial Regenerative Medicine and Surgical Engineering Research Center, Shaanxi Provincial Antibody and Cellular Immunotherapy Engineering Research Center were also founded in the hospital in 2012 and 2016, respectively. Recently in 2017, Surgical Precision and Regenerative Medicine laboratory has been successfully authorized as National Engineering Research Center. The department manages operating laboratory that trains, links and supports newly engaged researchers and students who are pursuing experimental efforts into power.

                        In addition to scientific programs and research institutions, Department of Science and Technology has a series of initiative policies that support research and motivate researcher’s outcomes and achievements.

                        Corporations and collaborations with other universities and hospitals bring a wide variety of expertise and innovation, thus academic lectures from different domains in medicine are organized regularly by the department. Exchange and participation of international conference are also encouraged with the support by our administrative documents.

                        Our goal is to facilitate research process and offer variety scientific support. With our help, more doctors and researchers are engaging to translate scientific discoveries from the lab into leading-edge treatments and therapies for patients.

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